This is H3: Humble. Hungry. Hard Work.

Our message of H3 is different. In a world where pride runs rampant and the “easy” way is king; the idea of being humble, hungry, and hard working is counter-cultural.

Humble. Hungry. Hard Work. (defined)

Humble- Not thinking less of yourself, but rather, thinking about yourself less often

Hunger- The act of having a strong desire

Hard Work- Exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something

What we do

At H3, our agenda is about promoting the message of being humble, hungry, and hard working. To accomplish this goal we sell merchandise, put on basketball camps/clinics, perform public speaking engagements, and also do private basketball lessons. If you are interested in having in any of our products, please see the shop tab and check out our merchandise!

Why support H3?

If you agree with our message, and want to take action towards spreading it, please consider purchasing a shirt and wearing it with purpose!

What is our brand?

Our brand is in place simply because the message of H3 is important to helping people live a fulfilling life with meaning. Our purpose with this brand is to model an example of a H3 lifestyle, educate/inform others on the principles of H3, and help others incorporate H3 habits that will improve the quality of their lives.

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This business idea is just getting off the ground. We feel that our message has a chance to positively impact many people. By subscribing to our website, you will be a part of helping further this message. Subscribers will have earliest access to any new products for sale. We are currently working on crafting logos, designing new clothing options, and looking for partnership opportunities. By subscribing to our page, you will be the first to know of anything worth knowing in our business! We are grateful for your support!

Contact Us

If you would like to be a part of this business by either collaborating, sharing ideas, etc. please reach out to us! We are just getting started and have much to learn.

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